Château Du Parc’s Harvest: A Unique Terroir Brings an Unforgettable Vintage

Located in Saint-Émilion, one of the most prestigious regions in Bordeaux, our vineyard is famous for its diverse, mineral-rich terroir. Over 2019, our expert winemaker Damien Landouar worked hard to accommodate a broad array of weather conditions including frost, dry spells, and a heatwave. We’re excited to bring you a complex, storied vintage you won’t soon forget.

At Château Du Parc, our naturally grown grapes are highly susceptible to the temperament of the land. Due to a humid spring and a cold, wet winter, we unfortunately lost around 20% of our crops. However, in the end, the surviving grapes did benefit from these wetter seasons—the moisture lingered in the soil, nourishing the vines throughout a particularly hot Bordeaux summer. The heat of summer and the dryness of autumn wonderfully balanced the flavor of the grapes, providing a unique richness and concentration.

By late September, we had begun the harvesting process. Over 3 weeks, a team of 30 carefully picked the grapes by hand. The yield was spectacular. Our fans can expect a deep, robust vintage this year. Uniquely complex and exquisitely balanced, Château Du Parc 2019 vintage reflects the essence of the beautiful appellation. See whyChâteau Du Parc was awarded over 90 points by 3 top sommeliers. Experience this thrilling vintage by trying Du Parc at a store or restaurant near you.